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Ditch HR headaches and build a thriving workplace with sound Australian HR advice. Our local workplace relations specialists help you navigate awards, resolve disputes, and stay legally compliant – so you can focus on running your business.

Whether you're a small business owner struggling with compliance or need expert HR services in Australia to solve an urgent issue, we're here to help.

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"Finally found an HR company that understands my business."

Employment Compass took the time to learn about our unique challenges and goals. Unlike other HR consultants, they don't just give generic HR advice – they provide us with solutions that actually work for our business.

Sarah P, GST Bookkeeping Specialists

"Expert HR advice that cuts through the noise."

Trying to understand our award and employment legislation feels like a minefield! Employment Compass' HR advice line simplified everything for us, allowing us to make quick and legally sound decisions with confidence.

Mark H, Dencorp Constructions

"An HR consultant who feels like part of the team."

We were facing a sensitive employee issue, and Employment Compass was by our side the whole way. Their HR advice helped us find a solution that was professional, empathetic, and tailored to protect both our employees and the business.

Olivia R, The Learning Tree Preschool

"The HR advice we received saved us thousands."

We’ve used Employment Compass for the last four years, and they’ve been absolutely essential as we’ve grown. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough for medium businesses who would need the HR advice without a department.

Nathan Q, Quinn Marketing

"Outsourcing HR was the best decision we made."

Employment Compass handles all our HR needs,  from contracts to policies to difficult conversations. Their HR advice online gives us the freedom to focus on growing our business, knowing our people management is in good hands.

Kate M, Main Street Boutique

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Simplify workplace relations and focus on what's most important. Your business.

Get free initial HR advice
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24/7 HR Advice Line

Get immediate HR advice and consulting services for Australian businesses. We ensure Fair Work compliance and resolve any workplace issue.

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HR Health Check

Protect your business with our HR Compliance Audits. We identify potential risks and ensure your practices align with the Fair Work Act.

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Employee Relations

Create a positive and productive workplace with our HR consulting services. We help you boost employee engagement and foster a thriving culture.

HR Advice for Small Business

HR Toolkits

Streamline HR management with our library of HR policies, procedures, contracts, forms and more – legally sound and instantly accessible.

HR Legal Advice

Protect Your Business

Face employment law challenges confidently with our HR advisory services. We partner with top employment law firms for comprehensive protection.

Independent HR Advice

Onsite HR Services

Get hands-on HR support when you need it. We offer customised onsite HR services for Australian businesses, so you can focus on leading your team.

Our 3-step HR advisory process

HR Legal Advice

1. Discovery session

Get expert HR advice tailored to your business. In this in-depth session, we'll uncover potential compliance risks in your current HR practices (like those faced by many small businesses) and develop an action plan to address them.

Independent HR Advice

2. Build foundations

Set up your HR ecosystem for success. We'll provide essential HR policies, procedures, contracts, and forms aligned with Australian regulations, giving you peace of mind and the right tools to manage your team.

Employer HR Advice

3. Ongoing support

Get the answers you need, when you need them with our 24/7 Australian HR Advice Line. Have an urgent HR question or need advice on a tricky situation? Our HR experts are always on hand to help, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

HR advice for Australian small businesses

Workplace Compliance

Modern Awards icon

Modern Award Interpretation

  • Determine modern award coverage
  • Classify employees correctly
  • Ensure correct pay, penalties, allowances and entitllements
  • Outline apprentice and trainee rules
  • Manage employee hours, rosters, overtime and shift work
Employment Contracts icon

Employment Contracts

  • Create compliant employment contracts and variations
  • Interpret existing contracts
  • Implement contract variations
  • Enforce contract terms and clauses
  • Determine employment types
Fair Work Act icon

Fair Work Act & Employment Law

  • Navigate the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards
  • Leave entitlements & public holidays
  • Compliance with working conditions
  • Implement flexible working arrangements
  • Manage redundancy processes

Employee Lifecycle Management

Performance Management icon

Performance & Disciplinary Management

  • Guide performance improvement and management processes
  • Write and issue corrective and disciplinary letters
  • Manage corrective actions and disciplinary processes if needed
  • Manage misconduct issues
Termination & Resignation icon

Termination & Resignation

  • Conduct workplace investigations
  • Meet notice period and procedural requirements
  • Calculate and manage entitlements and final pay
  • Minimise unfair dismissal and general protections risk
Sick & Injured Employees icon

Managing Sick & Injured Employees

  • Handle temporary absences and return to work processes
  • Conduct work capacity reviews
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Manage Workers' Compensation claims and return to work
  • Reduce litigation risk

Build a stronger workplace

Need HR advice? Talk to an expert.

Your HR questions answered with our 24/7 HR advice line

Find the answers you need about HR advice for small businesses, staying compliant with Australian law, and best practices for managing your workplace.

How can I handle employee disputes in my Australian small business without an HR department?

Navigating conflict is tough, especially without HR experience. Employment Compass provides tailored HR advice for Australian small businesses. We help you resolve disputes quickly and fairly, minimising legal risks and protecting your business's reputation. Here are a few tips:

- Document everything by keeping detailed records of incidents and relevant information.
- Act promptly and Address issues early on to prevent them from escalating.
- Follow Fair Work procedures to ensure your actions align with Australian workplace laws.

Can HR advice online replace an HR expert for my business?

HR advice online can be helpful for simple questions, however for complex issues personalised advice from an Australian HR expert is essential. Employment Compass offers a range of solutions, from our 24/7 advice line for immediate concerns to in-depth consultations. Here's why personalised support matters:

1. We understand the nuances of Australian employment law.
2. We address your specific situation, not just provide generic information.
3. We help you avoid costly legal mistakes.

I need HR advice in Australia, but I'm worried it'll break my budget. What are my options?

Employment Compass understands that small businesses need affordable HR advice to stay compliant. We offer flexible options designed for your needs and budget. Our 24/7 HR advice line provides cost-effective support for urgent issues, while our consultation packages offer tailored advice without long-term contracts.

My business needs urgent HR advice outside of office hours. Do you offer a 24/7 HR advice line for Australian businesses?

Absolutely! We understand HR issues don't always happen on a 9-to-5 schedule. Our 24/7 HR advice line offers Australian businesses immediate phone or email support. Get expert advice on employee conflicts, urgent policy questions, terminations, and more – whenever you need it.

As a small business owner in Australia, where can I get reliable HR advice without breaking the bank?

Understandably, cost is a major concern for small businesses. Employment Compass specialises in providing HR services for Australian small businesses at flexible price points. Our 24/7 HR advice line handles urgent questions affordably, while our consultation packages offer in-depth support – all designed to protect your business without a long-term commitment.

Where can I find reliable HR advice online on workplace issues for my Australian business?

While online resources offer general information, they often lack the nuance of Australian employment law. For complex situations or to avoid costly mistakes, it's essential to get HR advice from an expert who understands Australian legislation. Employment Compass complements online resources by providing tailored support for your specific needs.

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