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Managing talent

We partner with your business to create strategies and enhance employee satisfaction, supporting your business success.

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Low monthly retainer, starting at $300 a month
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24/7 access to advice, for support on demand
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No lock in contracts, for ultimate flexibility

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1. Evaluation

We start by assessing your current employee relations and management practices to identify areas for enhancement.

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2. Implementation

We help you implement targeted strategies and tools to streamline HR processes and foster a positive workplace environment.

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3. Improvement

We ensure ongoing support, adapting to changes within your business to maintain employee engagement and culture.

We create the foundations for success

Our employment relations strategies provide your business with

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customised solutions fostering a vibrant workplace culture

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aligning operations with Australian employment laws and best practices

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unlimited support for informed decision making

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identifying and mitigating employee relations risks effectively

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tools and training for a high-performing teams and business

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Frequently asked questions

Discover how Employment Compass can unlock your business' potential

What does Employment Compass offer in terms of employment relations?

We provide tailored strategies to enhance workplace culture and ensure your operations comply with Australian employment laws. This includes creating customised documentation, providing unlimited expert advice and fostering a positive workplace environment.

How does Employment Compass help with managing employee relations?

Our HR partners conduct comprehensive evaluations of your current employee relations and management practices to identify areas for improvement, guide strategic implementation and support continuous workplace culture enhancement.

Can Employment Compass provide tools to streamline HR processes?

Yes, we offer resources to automate and streamline HR processes, assist in talent management, and provide solutions for reducing risk and enhancing employee well being.

What kind of support does Employment Compass offer for employee relations issues?

We offer unlimited expert advice access, proactive risk management and tools for building high performing teams. Our support includes advice and training tailored to your business needs.

Does Employment Compass assist in compliance with employment laws?

Absolutely. We ensure your business practices are aligned with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards, providing a solid foundation for compliance and proactive improvement.

How does Employment Compass ensure long term success in employee relations?

By partnering with your business, we help to create a framework for employment relations, focusing on long-term success and employee satisfaction through carefully crafted strategies and continuous support.