Guiding your business to success

We're dedicated to guiding Australian businesses through the challenges of employment law, offering the support and tools needed to create safe, fair, and successful workplaces.

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Our Compass

Our vision is for every workplace in Australia to be safe and fair. We believe every small and medium business deserve sound advice and support when issues arise in the workplace.

Seeing the challenges faced by many businesses in accessing the right advice for a fair price, we have set out to level the playing field for Australian small and medium businesses.

Simplifying employment law

Employment Compass simplifies employment law for Australian businesses, offering timely and affordable advice to prevent stress and the financial strain. We're here to provide the advice and support for your business when you need it most.

From 24/7 advice on the Fair Work Act to on-site HR support for more difficult staff management challenges, our services and support are there for your business when you need sound support.
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We're driven by our values

Our compass points to your business potential.

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Navigating together

Your north star. We thrive on creating strong connections, navigating the complexities of HR with you, and ensuring a journey marked by clear communication and trust.

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Mosaic of expertise

Diversity fuels our innovation. Our team brings a kaleidoscope of experiences and skills, creating a rich tapestry of ideas that drive forward-thinking and effective solutions for your business.

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Authentic interactions

Like advice from a friend. Our approach demonstrates genuine care and tailored advice with a down-to-earth attitude,  ensuring every interaction is both meaningful and impactful.

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Empathy in leadership

We lead with empathy at our core. Understanding the unique challenges of each business, we tailor our approach to ensuring an effective resolution to every workplace situation.