HR services for Australian small & medium businesses

Simplify your HR management with our Australian HR services for small businesses. Get compliance audits, employee relations support, HR advisory, onsite expertise, and more.

HR support services for peace of mind

Our HR services ensure compliance, simplify processes, and give you the peace of mind to focus on your business. We offer HR compliance audits, proactive advice, and ongoing support to protect your business and empower your people.

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HR Services - HR Company for Small Business

Your success is our priority

Simplify workplace relations, minimise risk, and grow your business with confidence.

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24/7 HR Advice

Get immediate HR advice and consulting services for Australian businesses. We ensure Fair Work compliance and resolve any workplace issue.

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HR Health Check

Protect your business with our HR Compliance Audits. We identify potential risks and ensure your practices align with the Fair Work Act.

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Employee Relations

Create a positive and productive workplace with our HR consulting services. We help you boost employee engagement and foster a thriving culture.

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HR Toolkits

Streamline HR management with our library of HR policies, procedures, contracts, forms and more – legally sound and instantly accessible.

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Protect Your Business

Face employment law challenges confidently with our HR advisory services. We partner with top employment law firms for comprehensive protection.

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Onsite HR Services

Get hands-on HR support when you need it. We offer customised onsite HR services for Australian businesses, so you can focus on leading your team.

Our 3-step HR services process

HR Audit Services

1. HR action plan

We conduct a thorough review of your existing HR policies, procedures, and practices to identify any gaps or potential HR compliance risks. Our experts pinpoint areas for improvement and create an action plan for you.

HR Compliance Services

2. HR service delivery

We implement tailored HR services designed to address your specific needs. This might involve creating essential documents, updating policies, providing training, or offering ongoing HR advice and outsourced HR services.

HR Services Company

3. Ongoing HR support

We ensure a seamless rollout of your enhanced HR processes. We'll work with you to communicate changes effectively, provide resources for your team, and remain available for ongoing HR support as you achieve your business goals.

Comprehensive HR management services for small businesses

HR Advisory Services

24/7 HR Advisory Services

Your business deserves HR services that match your pace. Our HR advisory services provide you with an HR partner on standby, providing you with unlimited access to personalised, strategic HR advice without added costs. Receive commercially sound, people-focused guidance tailored to your unique business needs. Our Australian HR consultants are well versed in the latest employment laws, ensuring you make informed decisions whenever workplace issues arise.

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HR Compliance Services

Proactive HR compliance is the bedrock of a thriving, legally sound business. Our HR consultants conduct reviews of your policies and practices, aligning them with the Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, and HR best practices. We provide a clear roadmap to address risks, optimise your HR systems, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. With Employment Compass, you gain the confidence of knowing your business stands on a solid foundation of compliance.

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HR Compliance Services
HR Consultancy Services

HR Consultant Services

We understand that the success of your business is intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of your people. Our HR consulting services go beyond compliance, helping you build a strong framework for positive employee relations based on data-driven insights. With unlimited access to our HR advice, you'll receive tailored guidance on proactive strategies to minimise workplace conflict and enhance engagement.

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Documents & Resources

Unlock the full potential of your HR processes with our library of legally sound HR documents and resources. Our continuously updated library provides every policy, contract, form, and template you need for efficient HR management. Navigate onboarding, offboarding, and everyday with intuitive, ready-to-use resources crafted by HR experts. Stay proactive, prepared and protected.

HR Contract Services
HR Audit Services

Legal Representation

Even with the best HR practices, legal disputes can arise. Let us be your compass during these challenging times. We'll provide representation during the conciliation hearing and, if needed, partner with leading Australian legal firms to defend against claims of unfair dismissal, adverse action, discrimination, bullying, and workplace harassment. Our commitment is to provide unwavering support, from initial consultation to resolution, giving you peace of mind.

Onsite HR Services

When you need hands on, in-person support, our Compass Onsite HR service is here for you. We bring our HR expertise directly to your business, providing workplace investigations, performance management solutions, and in-house training. Whether it's onsite assistance or virtual guidance, we deliver personalised HR solutions to meet your changing needs. Specialising in multi-site operations, we ensure consistent HR standards and practices, freeing you to focus on leading your business to success.

Onsite HR Services

Looking for HR services? Talk to an expert.

Australian businesses trust our HR services

"Finally found a HR company that understands my business."

Employment Compass took the time to learn about our unique challenges and goals. Unlike other HR companies, they don't just give generic advice – they provide us with solutions that actually work for our business.

Anne I, GST Bookkeeping Specialists

"Expert HR service that cuts through the noise."

Trying to understand our award and employment legislation feels like a minefield! Employment Compass' HR services simplified everything for us, allowing us to make quick and legally sound decisions with confidence.

Elie B, Dencorp Constructions

"An HR consultant who feels like part of the team."

We were facing a sensitive employee issue, and Employment Compass was by our side the whole way. Their support was professional, empathetic and tailored to protect both our employees and the business.

Olivia R, The Learning Tree Preschool

"The HR services we received saved us thousands."

We’ve used Employment Compass for the last four years, and they’ve been absolutely essential as we’ve grown. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough for medium businesses who would need the HR support without a department.

Nathan Q, Quinn Marketing

"Outsourcing HR services was the best decision we made."

Employment Compass handles all our HR needs,  from contracts to policies to difficult conversations. Their expertise gives us the freedom to focus on growing our business, knowing our people management is in good hands.

Kate M, Main Street Boutique

Have questions about HR services? We've got you covered.

Find the answers you need about outsourced HR services in Australia, staying compliant with Australian employment law, and best practices for managing your workplace.

What are HR services, and why are they important for businesses?

HR (Human Resources) services cover all aspects of managing employees, from recruitment and onboarding to payroll, compliance, and workplace relations. These services streamline operations, reduce risks, and help businesses attract and retain top talent.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing HR services?

Outsourcing HR to a specialised provider offers several benefits, including expert guidance on Australian employment law, access to up-to-date HR resources, cost savings, and the freedom to focus on your core business.

How can HR services help my small business?

HR services are especially valuable for small businesses, providing essential support without the need for a dedicated HR department. They ensure compliance, streamline processes, and help you create a positive work environment.

What are the core components of HR management services?

HR management services typically cover areas like compliance audits, policy development, employee relations, HR documentation, training, and ongoing HR advice.

How do I choose the right HR company for my business?

Look for an HR company specialising in Australian employment law, with experience in your industry. Consider their service offerings, pricing, reputation, and communication style to find a good fit.

How can I find affordable HR services for my Australian business?

Many HR companies offer scalable service packages to fit different budgets. Look for providers that offer customised solutions, transparent pricing, and flexible contracts. Explore options for 24/7 HR advice, HR document libraries, or limited scope compliance audits to find services that meet your immediate needs and can grow with your business.

Ready for outsourced HR services? Let's achieve your goals!

Simplify HR and achieve your business goals. Whether you need strategic advice, want to explore our HR consulting services, or connect about your workplace challenges, we're here to listen.

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