Employees with a Disability | Accessibility & Support

This guide offers insights for Australian business owners on accommodating disabled employees, understanding legal obligations, and ensuring equal treatment in the workplace.

As an employer, it's your responsibility to support workers with disabilities. This is mandated by the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which requires making reasonable adjustments to ensure these employees are not disadvantaged at work.

During recruitment, be mindful of how you approach health-related questions in interviews. If a candidate discloses a disability and isn't hired, they might feel it was due to discrimination. To avoid this, focus on their abilities and how they meet the job requirements.

In the workplace, you might need to make adjustments for employees with disabilities. This could include providing specialized equipment, like a tailored mouse for someone with dexterity issues, or flexible working hours to help them avoid peak travel times. However, remember, you can only make these adjustments if you're aware of their disability. If an employee hasn't disclosed their disability, especially if it's not visible, you're not expected to intuitively make changes.

Additionally, if you notice a drop in an employee's performance, consider if it might be related to a disability. Instead of immediately opting for disciplinary action, assess if any reasonable adjustments can be made to support them. Failing to do so might lead to claims of unfair treatment.

For guidance on accommodating disabled employees and making reasonable adjustments, you can contact Employment Compass at 1300 144 002 for advice. They are available 24/7 to help you navigate these important responsibilities.

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