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Elevate your business with strategic HR consulting services in Canberra. Solve challenges and build a thriving workplace. Book your free HR strategy session today.

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Looking for an HR consultant in Canberra?

Simplify compliance, boost employee engagement, and achieve your growth goals with our tailored HR consulting in Canberra. Our expert team helps you overcome complex challenges, design proactive solutions, and build a workplace culture where your people and business thrive.

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Strategic HR planning for growth focused businesses
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Expert advice to minimise risks and avoid disputes
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Proactive employee relations to boost performance

What our clients say

"Finally, an HR consultant in Canberra who understands our business!"

Employment Compass invested the time to understand our unique needs and challenges. Their customised HR consulting services and expert support simplify compliance and empower us to reach our business goals with confidence.

Sarah P, GST Bookkeeping Specialists

"Understanding awards and employment laws just got easier!"

Navigating awards and employment regulations was a headache. Employment Compass' collaborative HR consulting services clarified everything, helping us make informed and legally sound decisions quickly.

Mark H, DenCorp Constructions

"More than an HR consultant – they're an extension of our team!"

When a sensitive employee issue arose, Employment Compass stood beside us. Their professional guidance, empathy, and unwavering focus on our business needs proved invaluable during a challenging time.

Olivia R, The Learning Tree Preschool

"HR consulting services that saved us money and fueled our growth!"

For the past four years, Employment Compass has been an essential partner in our growth journey. Their cost effective HR consultancy services provide the reliable expertise our small business needs.

Nathan Q, Quinn Marketing

"Partnering with their Canberra HR consultants was our best decision!"

Employment Compass handles our HR needs with exceptional professionalism. Their HR consultants take care of contracts, policies, and workplace matters, granting us complete peace of mind so we can focus on growing our business.

Kate M, Main Street Boutique

Ready for expert HR consulting in Canberra?  Let's achieve your goals!

Ready to simplify HR and achieve your business goals? Whether you need strategic advice, want to explore our HR consulting services, or connect about your workplace challenges, we're here to listen.

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You're in good company with our Canberra HR consultants

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Connect instantly with HR consultants in Canberra

Don't let HR challenges stall your business growth in Canberra. Your dedicated human resources consult will mean unrestricted access to support and advice when you need it. Receive practical, tailored guidance on your specific situation, all with transparent pricing. Make informed decisions and confidently manage workplace challenges.

Protect your business with HR compliance services

Australian workplace regulations can be a minefield. Our expert HR compliance consulting in Canberra simplifies the process. Through thorough compliance audits, we identify potential risks, ensuring alignment with the Fair Work Act. We go beyond highlighting issues – we partner with you to create practical solutions and provide ongoing support, safeguarding your business from costly legal exposure.

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Build a positive workplace culture with HR consulting in Canberra

Fostering strong employee relations is key to a successful Canberra business. Our HR consultants offer proactive employment relations management, helping you navigate performance management, contracts, and potential disputes. We tailor our consulting to your specific needs, ensuring legal compliance and creating a workplace environment where both your business and employees thrive.

Simplify your workplace with our essential HR templates & tools

Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel! Our comprehensive library of HR templates and tools empowers you to streamline HR processes in your Canberra business. Access legally compliant employment contracts, policies, checklists, and more – all regularly updated to ensure you stay on top of changing regulations. Focus on growing your business with confidence, knowing your HR essentials are always just a click away.

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We stand with you during workplace disputes

Facing an unfair dismissal claim or workplace dispute is stressful for any business owner. Let our workplace relations consultants guide you through the complex process. We provide direct representation during conciliation, working towards quick and effective dispute resolution. Should matters escalate, rest assured knowing we collaborate with top legal experts to mount a strong defence, protecting your business.

Cultivate a thriving workplace with onsite HR consulting in Canberra

Elevate your workplace with hands-on, strategic support from our human resource consultants in Canberra. We provide tailored, onsite solutions including employee relations strategies, policy development and implementation, targeted training, and proactive performance management. Our expertise helps you build a consistent, compliant, and high-performing workplace culture across all your business locations.

Connect with an HR Consultant today
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Elevate your workplace with strategic HR consulting in Canberra

Partner with our HR consultants in Canberra to achieve your strategic business goals.

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Strategic HR Consulting

Partner with our expert HR consultants to develop a HR strategy that aligns with your specific business objectives. We help you build a strong foundation for people focused decision making, optimise your talent management processes and navigate organisational changes like restructures & redundancies.

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Employee Engagement

Unleash the full potential of your workforce with our data-driven employee engagement consulting. We diagnose the root causes of disengagement, design tailored strategies, and provide hands-on support for implementation. Our approach fosters genuine employee commitment and a thriving workplace culture.

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Employee Turnover

In today's competitive market, retaining top talent underpins success. Partner with our HR consultants to develop proactive retention strategies tailored to your workplace. We'll help you identify the drivers of turnover, enhance employee experience, and create a culture where your best people want to stay and grow.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Define and amplify your unique employer brand with our EVP consulting services. We partner with you to craft a compelling value proposition that aligns with your culture, mission, and market position. Enhance your recruitment efforts, boost morale, and build a workplace where exceptional people bring their best selves to work.

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Organisation Design

Achieve seamless alignment between your business goals and organisational structure. Our HR consultants provide guidance, analysing your existing framework, identifying gaps, and collaborating with you to design a structure that drives efficiency, adaptability, and business growth.

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Workplace Culture

Harness the power of a workplace culture that influences increased productivity, employee engagement, and business success. Our HR consultants partner with you to assess your current culture, identify areas for improvement, and design strategies that align with your vision and business goals.

Our 3-step HR consulting process

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1. Diagnostic Assessment & Goal Alignment

Our HR consulting process begins with collaboration to deeply understand your unique workplace challenges, goals, and overall business objectives. We may utilise data-driven assessments like surveys or workplace analytics to gain even sharper insights. Together, we'll define a clear roadmap for HR solutions that directly support your business success.

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2. Solution Design & Implementation

Drawing on our experience across a wide range of HR areas, our consultants will develop targeted strategies and provide tailored solutions. You'll receive hands-on guidance and practical tools to ensure seamless implementation and lasting improvements. We'll continuously monitor progress and make adjustments as needed to guarantee your HR initiatives achieve optimal results.

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3. Sustained Success & Proactive Support

Experience lasting workplace improvements and continued growth through regular measurement and evaluation of key metrics. Benefit from our proactive HR consulting support as we help you navigate evolving regulations, industry trends, or new business needs. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having a trusted HR partner dedicated to your long-term success.

Got questions about HR consulting? We've got you covered.

How does HR consulting differ from traditional HR services?

While traditional HR services often focus on day-to-day operational tasks and reactive problem-solving, HR consulting takes a broader, more strategic view. Our HR consultants work collaboratively with you to understand the underlying causes of workplace challenges, design proactive solutions, and ensure your HR practices directly support your business goals. We help you optimise your HR strategies to achieve long-term success that goes beyond compliance.

What are some common areas where HR consultants help Canberra businesses?

Our HR consultants in Canberra have a expertise in a wide range of areas essential for business success. We can help you develop HR strategies that give you a competitive edge, ensure your processes and policies are fully compliant with employment laws, and design a compelling employee value proposition to attract top talent. We partner with you to foster a positive workplace culture where everyone thrives and assist with proactive employee relations management to minimise conflicts.

I already have an internal HR person. Can I still benefit from HR consulting?

Absolutely! Our HR consultants often act as valuable strategic partners to in-house HR teams. We can provide specialised expertise they may not have on-hand, particularly in areas including legal matters, large-scale organisational design projects, or change management initiatives. Working together, we can enhance the effectiveness and strategic impact of your existing HR function.

What can I expect from the HR consulting process in Canberra?

Our HR consulting process begins with a thorough assessment of your current HR practices, challenges, and overall business objectives. We'll take the time to truly understand your needs before collaborating with you to develop tailor made solutions. Beyond just giving advice, we provide hands-on implementation support and tools, ensuring any changes are smoothly implemented. We'll continue to monitor progress, offer ongoing guidance, and make adjustments as needed to embed the long-term success of your HR initiatives.

How do I know if my business needs HR consulting?

Consider HR consulting if you're facing challenges such as high employee turnover, difficulty attracting the right candidates, or concerns about compliance issues and potential legal risks. Also, HR consulting can be a game-changer if you desire a stronger strategic direction for your HR practices or aim to build a more positive, engaged, and productive workplace culture.

How do I measure the return on investment of HR consulting?

While the benefits of HR consulting may not always be immediately quantifiable, there are several key ways to track and measure its impact on your business. Consider factors like reduced legal costs due to proactive compliance, increased employee retention and the associated cost savings in recruitment and training, and improved productivity and morale leading to higher efficiency and potential sales gains.